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Are your personal insurance policies right for YOU?

At Matich | Vukovich, there are no one-size-fits-all insurance packages because there are no one-size-fits-all lifestyles. We provide clients with customized personal coverage ranging from home, auto and life to umbrella, hobby toy and ranch and farm insurance.

With access to more than one hundred companies, Matich | Vukovich can ensure that your home, auto and possessions are protected.

Select from the choices below to learn more about our personal insurance products.

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Homeowners and landlord protector policies provide financial protection against disaster and misfortune by covering your home or rental properties and the contents inside them. These types of policies cover both damage to your property and your liability for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people while on your property. This includes damage caused by household pets.

Homeowners and landlord protector policies for your personal protection may include coverage for the home you currently live in, rental units, multiple dwellings, vacation properties and more.

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Whether you own one car or a garage full of antique roadsters, Matich | Vukovich can customize an automobile package that increases your liability limits while saving you money. By taking the time to fully analzye your driving habits, city of residence and other important factors, Matich | Vukovich will match you with a policy that protects you.

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Umbrella/Excess Liability

An umbrella policy does just what the name implies: protects. When your liability coverage on auto and homeowners insurance ends, an umbrella policy kicks in, preventing catastrophic financial losses in the event of a lawsuit or major medical bills.

If you think umbrella policies are only for the rich, or the premiums too costly, think again. Umbrella policies are affordable and can be easily coordinated with existing policies. Matich | Vukovich specializes in designing umbrella policies that provide ultimate protection for that extremely rainy day.

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Hobby Toys

Matich | Vukovich knows how much you like your recreational vehicles – we like them too. From summer fun with ATV’s, jetskis and boats, to winter snowmobiling and the year-round enjoyment that motorcycles, RV’s and travel trailers bring, being fully covered in the case of theft, accident or damage during use is the key to an enjoyable weekend at the cabin or summer vacation getaway.

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Planning for the future requires more than building a secure investment portfolio that allows you to live in comfort. It also means planning for the day when your loved ones may have to survive without you, or your salary. Protecting your family from catastrophic loss in the event of your death is an essential component to planning for the future. Matich | Vukovich will provide the information you need to make an informed and affordable choice regarding your life insurance coverage.

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Specialty properties such as farms and ranches require special protection. The equipment needed to sustain rural properties or the manufacturing associated with them, including the care and maintenance of livestock, are investments that need to be fully covered. Matich | Vukovich has more than fifty years of experience understanding and meeting the insurance needs of rural residents

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